God of War: Ascension Multiplayer!

Regular readers of this blog know that I started work at Sony after leaving Pandemic. But what have I been working on? Until now this has been a secret…

I’m proud to be finally be able to talk about what I do at work.

I’m the Lead Network Programmer on God of War: Ascension!

I can’t wait until you guys get to play this online. There are so many cool lag hiding techniques that we have developed just for this title, completely new stuff! Never been done before! I wish I could talk about more but it will have to wait until after we are shipped.

8 comments on “God of War: Ascension Multiplayer!
  1. Nice work, guy!

    I’m opening a startup of multiplayer games on Brazil, and I’m using your blog as one of my references of multiplayer games development.

    In Brazil is hard to find networking game programmers.

    Congratulations for your blog!

  2. That is so awesome Glenn!

    I have just found some of your articles about physics, fps, etc.
    They are awesome! I was sure you were up to great work, professionally speaking :)

    Then I was looking for a cool article I have read quite some time ago about Game Networking… and guess what? You wrote it :)

    Congratulations man!


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